The International Hansa Class Association aims to:

  • Champion and advance Hansa Class racing internationally and nationally, accessible to sailors of varied ages and skills.
  • Serve as a hub for Hansa Class sailors to share insights.
  • Promote the multifaceted enjoyment of sailing, from competition to leisure and social interaction.

Represented Vessels

The Association advocates for all Hansa sailing models, including:

  • The Hansa 2.3 series (2.3 Wide, 2.3 Single formerly known as Access 2.3, and 2.3 Breeze)
  • The Hansa 303 series (303 Wide formerly known as Access 303, and 303 Breeze)
  • Liberty
  • SKUD 18 The inclusion of additional Hansa classes is subject to approval at a General Meeting.

Organizational Framework

The leadership of the International Hansa Class Association consists of:

  • The President, who steers the Association’s direction, oversees significant partnerships, and acts as the primary spokesperson.
  • The Vice President of Championships, responsible for organizing major sailing events and liaising with national associations and host clubs.
  • The Vice President of Rules & Measurement, overseeing the enforcement and review of Class Rules.
  • The Vice President of Development, tasked with promoting global development programs, supporting national associations, and enhancing Association membership.
  • The Treasurer, managing finances, including membership dues and financial reporting.
  • The Secretary, handling administrative tasks such as meeting coordination and correspondence. Meetings occur through telecommunication and in-person as feasible, with Committee members being affiliated with a National Hansa Class Association or holding individual membership in the International Association.

Membership Types

  • National Class Associations: Hold voting rights at General Meetings, with each National Association appointing a delegate.
  • Associate Organizations: Supportive entities without voting privileges.
  • Individual Members: For affiliation in regions lacking a National Association, without voting rights.