Portimão: A Gem in Portugal’s Algarve

Europe’s Favorable Weather Destination

Nestled in Portugal’s Algarve region, Portimão is a city blessed with some of Europe’s most favorable weather conditions. The Algarve is known for its limited rainfall, mainly from November to March, and abundant sunshine, making it an ideal spot for sailing and tourism all year round.

Explore Portimão

Explore more about Portimão and its attractions by visiting the Turismo de Portimão website and watching our highlight video.

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Featured Hotels and Promotions

Pestana Alvor Praia Premium Beach & Golf Resort 5*

  • Website: Pestana Alvor Praia
  • Contact: Alexandra Reis at [email protected]
  • Promocode: HANSACLASS23

Pestana D. João II Beach & Golf Resort 4*

  • Website: Pestana D. João II
  • Contact: Alexandra Reis at [email protected]
  • Promocode: HANSACLASS23

Agua Hotels Riverside 4*

  • Website: Agua Hotels Riverside
  • Contact: Andreia Benavente at [email protected]
  • Promocode: HANSACLASS23

Pestana Alvor South Beach 4*

  • Website: Pestana Alvor South Beach
  • Contact: Alexandra Reis at [email protected]
  • Promocode: HANSACLASS23

Oceano Atlântico Touristic Apartments 4*

  • Website: Oceano Atlântico
  • Contact: Sandra Santos at [email protected]
  • Promocode: HANSAWORLD2023

Júpiter Marina Hotel

  • Website: Jupiter Marina Hotel
  • Notes: Adults Only (+16 years)
  • Promocode: HANSAWORLD2023 (10% discount for online bookings)

Apartments Mirachoro III

  • Website: Apartments Mirachoro III
  • Contact: João Jacinto at [email protected]
  • Promocode: HANSAWORLD2023

Hotel Rural Bricia Du Mar

  • Website: Hotel Rural Bricia Du Mar
  • Contact: Miguel Bôto at [email protected]
  • Promocode: HANSAWORLD2023

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